Searching for businesses, products and services and sending text messages are two of the most common uses of the smartphones most all us rely on everyday for access to information and communication.  Now an essential part of life, mobile phones provide us with quick and efficient ways to find what we are looking for and interact with those we need to talk to.  No longer a luxury and much more of a necessity, cell phones are becoming a vital part of the fabric of life which is why combining search engine optimization (SEO) and short message services (SMS) together is becoming such a powerful approach to internet marketing.  Using SEO and SMS as complementary strategies to your online marketing efforts is now one of the most effective ways to not only increase your customer exposure but to also reach new target markets and audiences.  Both extremely useful and productive in their own right by joining SEO and SMS together gives you the ability to take your search engine marketing and business advertising to the next level.  Providing the perfect supplements to each other’s shortcomings, implementing both into your marketing campaigns can give you a well rounded strategy towards increasing engagement, leads, conversions and sales.

As integral pieces of smartphone functionality, searches and text messages are becoming everyday practices that savvy and successful websites and companies simply can not ignore anymore.  As we move into a more mobile way of life closely related technologies and marketing methods such as search engine optimization (SEO) and short message services (SMS) will need to be combined together in order to gain maximum results for your brand, product or service.  Following along many similar marketing concepts and paths by using both SEO and SMS for advertising campaigns, customer interactions and client acquisitions one has the ability to capture all aspects of consumer attention.  Just think about the last time you read a text message or searched for something online on your smartphone?  For the majority of us these are daily activities that we count on to get us through our day which is why covering both marketing angles can make for such a complete advertising agenda. So what are some of the most intriguing ways SEO and SMS supplement each other in the world of marketing?  Here are just a few of the attributes that allow for these entities to create magic when appropriately used as a pair.

Marketing Conjunction #1: Proactive VS. Reactive

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) you are given the opportunity to take a reactive approach to marketing. You must react to search engine rules and best practices, you must react to changes in search behaviors and you must react to content popularity and social media feedback. For short message services (SMS) you can take a much more proactive approach to advertising. You can initiate sales messages, you can directly link and interact with segmented market groups and you can instantly respond to inquiries. While of course both SEO and SMS have features of proactivity and reactivity by combining the two together you can really start to leverage the benefits of each type of marketing approach.

Marketing Conjunction #2: Online VS. Offline

In regards to search engine optimization (SEO) you are widely dependent on people being online and making searches. Users must be connected to the internet, accessing web tools, browsers and search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Also all of the SEO methodologies and strategies you implement will revolve around connection to the world wide web. On the other hand short message services (SMS) are largely conducted through mobile networks that do not require consumers to actively be online. With alerts, direct communication and anytime access there are a lot of advantages to SMS marketing that are not baked in to search engine marketing. By utilizing both advertising approaches you have the ultimate ability to cover both online and offline activities which allows for diverse and in-depth marketing plans.

Marketing Conjunction #3: 1st Party VS. 3rd Party

In terms of search engine optimization (SEO) you are very much reliant on third party rules, guidelines, algorithms, rankings and other criteria. When implementing best SEO practices you are working within the frameworks of search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo which takes a very unique set of skills and a high level of expertise most often found by working with an experienced SEO company. In contrast by working with a short message services (SMS) marketing company you are in much more control of who receives what messages and promotions. You very much get to act like a 1st party intermediary between your brand, product, service and the clients. By allowing both SEO and SMS to interact together on a marketing level you get the powerful reach of major companies like Google while also benefiting from the personalized interaction that is text messaging.

As you can see, combining search engine optimization (SEO) and short message services (SMS) is a sure way to make marketing magic when it comes to your business goals and dreams. If you are looking to grow in ways you may never have imagined supplementing your marketing with proper SEO services with SMS services is a great way to expand into areas that may have otherwise been unattainable. While the two advertising implementations work very well as stand alone tactics it’s when you join together the power of SEO and SMS that you can really begin to see results that mean something on a broader scale. By taking this two tiered approach to marketing you really can cover all your basis when it comes to driving sales and expanding your customer base. The fact is smartphone usage is only growing which is why it is critically important to infuse yourself into all aspects of the technology now and search engine optimization (SEO) and short message services (SMS) give you the perfectly paired solutions to do exactly that!


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