With the unexpected emergence of the coronavirus crisis, businesses, brands, products and services were left scrambling to redefine themselves given the circumstances that are being presented. From social distancing, to wearing masks, to new laws and guidelines, to increased health awareness, to protests and so much more COVID-19 has ushered in a wide variety of new parameters that companies must adapt to and account for. The pandemic is impacting every facet of how we live our lives and this means that common practices such as local search engine optimization (SEO) need to adjust accordingly. Now that there is an increased interest in internet activities due to a shift in how we approach our daily responsibilities, the need for improving and optimizing our online profiles is greater than it has ever been. With state of the art technologies like geo mapping, live pick up delivery options, feedback and reviews, contact details, social media, and video and picture content, services and tools like “Google My Business” are providing unprecedented value to those utilizing them correctly.

Now that change is a constant part of the world due to the pandemic the need for managing your local search engine marketing is taking on a whole new meaning. Long gone are the days of sitting back and relaxing when it comes to your internet marketing and local SEO. COVID-19 has changed the face and landscape of how we conduct and transact business on the world wide web and this will require us to pay much more attention to the details when it comes to reputation marketing and search engine rankings and results. SEO for local mapping and organic search engine strategies should be closely watched and carefully cultivated as their relevance has been magnified due to the coronavirus crisis. By placing a renewed emphasis integrating local SEO goals with natural organic search engine optimization content you are able to expand your reach and exposure even during these unique and uncertain times. So what are some of the pertinent aspects of local search engine optimization (SEO) and internet marketing we should be aware about given the worlds reformed look in The wake of COVID-19.

Pandemic Focus Point #1: Info Management

Often during times of panic or turmoil we can lose sight of the small but important things in regards to our business. One such detail is proper management of our local SEO profiles like the ones found on Google’s My Business Page listings. You must assure you are staying on top of how your business, product, brand or service is being represented and any changes that occur due to changing conditions in the environment must be accurately reflected in how you are showcased locally online. One of the best parts of local information management is that you can provide photos, video and other media content types to build a better picture of exactly what you are trying to convey online. Not only does consistent information gain you favor with the search engines but it also allows for a pleasurable customer experience.

Pandemic Focus Point #2: Mapping & Contact Details

One of the most widely used features of local search, mapping and directions play a vital role in both how you are ranked and listed within the search engine algorithms as well as how easy it is for clients to find you. When your local search listings have correct details such as an address, a phone number, an email and a website link you give yourself a greater advantage to connect with those that are looking for you online. By utilizing and leveraging the right tools and resources in relation to your mapping and contact info you are able to highlight the ways in which you can communicate and interact with customers. By updating all of your local listings with the right map and outreach info while also combining such data with natural and organic SEO strategies you set yourself up to have real success even when coronavirus chaos is happening around

Pandemic Focus Point #3: Feedback and Reviews

Given the sensitive climate of people’s emotions and viewpoints during COVID-19 it is essential that you facilitate local SEO channels for reviews and feedback. Times are changing and people want to know how this has impacted their local communities and companies and one of the best ways to relay these types of messages and alleviate certain concerns is by allowing others to honestly assess how your business has handled the crisis. Feedback and reviews that are genuine and fair give you the opportunity to garner the trust and confidence of those that may want to use your product, brand or service. One of the most ideal ways to supplement your feedback and reviews is to mirror them with natural and organic content that conveys similar feelings to your clients sentiments as a whole. Finally feedback and reviews can also help you understand where your business may be falling short and give you new ideas and ways to enhance your overall performance online.

Ultimately most of us do not know what the future of the pandemic will hold but one thing is for certain and that is putting your best local SEO foot forward is a sure way to make sure you stay relevant and reachable to your fans, customers, clients and followers. If you are not sure where to begin when it comes to maximizing your local web presence it is always best to work with and consult with an SEO company that is trained and skilled in the areas of expertise that unique times like COVID-19 call for. Sure the coronavirus crisis might have changed many of the ways we will conduct business moving forward but one thing is for certain and that is local and organic search engine optimization techniques when tailored to the times make for a powerful vehicle to generate leads, sales, conversions and good will. What are you waiting for? Start working with a trusted and experienced SEO company today to get your online agendas headed in the right direction.

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