About Purpose Driven Promotion


Purpose Driven Promotion is located in the beautiful Okanagan Valley – specifically Kelowna, British Columbia.  We chose Kelowna because of the year-round entertainment it offers.  After all, there aren’t too many places on the entire planet where you can ski in the morning and golf or go boating in the afternoon.

The Okanagan has just such a climate.  We have some of the best golfing, skiing, boating and wineries in the world.  It was this lifestyle that attracted us here in the first place!

This lifestyle has allowed us to  develop an innovative way to help our clients achieve their Okanagan search engine marketing goals.

We have hired the best and brightest from around the world as well as here in the Okanagan to help us achieve our goal of “Purpose Driven” Promotion. But as such, we also realized that the best and brightest may not want to leave their homes.


So our solution is to build a virtual company. Our staff work from the comfort of their homes when it is best for them.

We don’t expect our staff to work a typical 9 to 5 Monday to Friday job. Instead we are flexible. The only thing we hold firm on is deadlines. As long as our staff meet or exceed our deadlines and deliver the highest quality work, we don’t care if they work in their pyjamas or at 3 AM.

Because let’s face it, in today’s online economy we don’t need a fancy office or high priced desks. We strive to keep our costs down and pass on the savings to you, our customers.

So if you are looking for high end Okanagan search engine optimization & marketing but don’t want to pay the high end agency search marketing fees then consider Purpose Driven Promotion. Contact Us today to find out what we can do for you.

Why Kelowna?

Some people may wonder “Why Kelowna? Why not some larger area like Vancouver?”

The answer is a little more in-depth than the physical location. You see, while we love what Kelowna has to offer in terms of lifestyle there are also other reasons to live and work here.

Skiing, Okanagan Lake, the Weather

Another unique fact about Kelowna – there are few other places in the world where you can go skiing in the morning and golfing or boating in the afternoon.

That’s right – Kelowna is home to one world class ski hill called Big White, with many others within driving distance of the city. Less than a two hour drive from the Big White village lands you on the shores of Okanagan Lake – one of the largest lakes in the BC interior.

Known for it’s calm temperate waters, Okanagan Lake has become a favorite vacation spot for families and business people alike. Many famous people also consider Kelowna and the surrounding Okanagan Valley home including hockey players, movie and TV stars and even world renowned musical performers.

Still need more reasons why we call Kelowna home? The average daily temperature ranges from just around freezing (0 C 32 F) in the winter to a comfortable 28 Celsius (82 degrees Fahrenheit) in the summer. We also average around 2000 hours of sun during the year with only about 27 mm (1 inch) of precipitation, on average, per month.

Golf, Wineries

Kelowna is centrally located on Lake Okanagan. It is the largest city in BC’s southern interior and boasts more golf courses and wineries than any other locality in Canada.

If you are a golfer there are more than 50 18-hole golf courses within a few hours drive of Kelowna. Of that almost half are located in and around Kelowna. And these aren’t your typical 18-hole courses. Many have been designed by some of the best known names in golf from Jack Nicklaus to Les Furber to Gene Bates.

If golf isn’t your thing then perhaps a tour of some of our award winning wineries. There are over 200 wineries in the area with about 25 of those located within a few minutes drive of Kelowna. Many of those wineries have won both national and international awards.

Technology & Entrepreneurship

But it’s also not just about the golf, skiing, boating, wineries or weather that keeps us here. Kelowna also has a very vibrant small business community. There are more self employed people per capita in Kelowna than any other place in BC. Kelowna is also one of the more technologically advanced places in the province. At one time this town had more portable phones (cell phones) than any other city in the province including Vancouver, our provinces’ largest city!

We feel we fit right into this entrepreneurial town and that’s what keeps us here practicing our craft, day in and day out.

Why Purpose Driven Promotion?

Well if you came to our site from a search engine the reason should be obvious – you were searching for something, or searching for the answer to a question and came to this website.

The page you came to our site from didn’t accidentally rank on the search engine for your search. We placed it there using the knowledge and experience we have in how search engines work. We have been working in this industry for so long, we were using Google and ranking pages likely before you even knew what Google was.

We know it is difficult to decide on the right Search Engine Optimization firm. That’s why we want you to understand our background.  We have been performing Search Engine Optimization on our client’s sites since 2001.  We were working with Google before most people even knew what Google was (aside from a really big number).

Whether you have been interviewing search marketing firms for a while, or have just begun your search for a firm you will find that we are your best choice. That is because there are probably 2 criteria you should be using to find the perfect search marketing firm. Price and Results. We have many firms beat on both.

We have many clients with top rankings in Google and we can send you these results when you request them. Do you want proof right now? Search for “Kelowna Link Building” without quotes – you should see our site – purposedrivenpromotion.com at or near the top..

Let’s Work Together


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