With holidays taking place all year long and some of the major holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years just around the corner, it’s easy to lose sight of search engine optimization (SEO) opportunity amid the excitement and celebration.  People look forward to their favorite days and seasons of the year. They also save up their hard earned money and vacation time to enjoy the holidays. Holiday downtime means more inevitable internet usage. All of these types of holiday characteristics lead to a strong recipe for SEO and search engine marketing success.  Notable calendar events provide the perfect backdrop for companies and brands to take advantage of unique internet marketing strategies and SEO services.

While sound search engine optimization strategy is recommended all year round, holiday events provide an ideal connection to the spirit of the human search. People are searching for very specific topics online during these given periods which makes it easier to target the eyes and visitors of the world wide web.  What is often lost in the hustle and bustle of the holidays is that brands, companies and websites are in a powerful position to leverage the emotions and dynamics of these special times of the year. By ignoring deep rooted traditions and historical commemorations one is missing out on favorable search engine marketing (SEM) and SEO circumstances and moments.  Depending on geographical location there will be a plethora of prime chances to gain search engine rankings and traction throughout the year by following these three seasonal search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

Strategy #1 – Gift Guide Submission

Regardless if it’s Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, Valentines Day or Christmass everybody is searching for a gift guide to help recommend suggestions for their next purchase.  In conjunction with this the best online gift guides are looking for useful and valuable products and services to feature online creating a juncture of mutual benefit that makes sense for all three parties involved.  On top of all this added connection there is the most important fact that these types of listings facilitate internet marketing and SEO gold. From backlink building, to exposure to new fans, to brand awareness, to partnerships, to reviews, to content and so much more gift guides really do cover it all when it comes to a wide variety of SEO ranking factors.

Strategy #2 – Influencer Campaigns

If influencers can captivate an audience during the non-holidays it’s easy to imagine just how alluring and attractive their personalities can be during the holidays. By teaming up with influencers during some of their most viewed times of year websites can generate an internet search engine marketing (SEM) and SEO buzz that is unmatched during the off season.  The power of persuasion becomes even more prevalent during the holidays as they appeal to our senses and emotions to heightened degrees. Influencers are specialists at connecting with people and feelings make them crucial candidates and components for SEO and SEM holiday campaigns. By joining forces with appropriately segmented influencers you are giving yourself a vital SEO scope whose lenses can secure even higher degrees of search ranking results. 

Strategy #3 – Special Giveaways, Deals and Promotions

The holidays are a time for shopping so when you can attach a customized giveaway, discount or promotion to a related theme there is a greater chance for maximum reach and exposure.  With shopping and spending already on people’s mind it is much easier to appeal to their buying decisions which can have long lasting search engine optimization (SEO) rwards. From social media traction, to brand loyalty, to new customer interactions, to goodwill and positive public perception there is a lot that can be derived from a well thought out internet marketing and promotional plan.  Trying new products and services during the holidays is a given and by offering extra incentives and bonuses you can position yourself to not only look good in front of clients but also search engines as well.

Even if you have an expert Kelowna SEO company working by your side it’s still difficult to differentiate yourself from the competition without capturing those key search engine optimization (SEO) seasonal strategies throughout the year.  Holidays are a busy time of year where the companies that kind find the resources to work harder and smarter than the rest when it comes to SEO services will find themselves thriving online in terms of both consumer attention and search engine ranking.  Those that can manage the holiday trends with SEO integrated strategies are the ones that will be reaping ranking rewards each and everyday of the year. If you had to pick any holiday to choose as your biggest SEO and internet marketing push which one would it be?

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