A significant portion of the world wide web is just a series of links and URL’s that are all interconnected and intertwined making the internet what it is today while also playing a major role in search engine optimization (SEO). The world’s first web page, created by Tim Berners-Lee, was officially posted on August 6th, 1991 and was dedicated to information on the World Wide Web project giving everyone a taste of what means to build a link. Focused on how to create Web pages and explaining hypertext the internet’s original URL was just a small preview of what online link building would eventually become. As more and more links were created and websites designed there soon became a growing need to organize, prioritize, structure and provide all the very best content and information these newly forming pages had to offer. Soon after search engines were born which lent new power to all of the online addresses distributed all over the globe. In due time search engines finally evolved into what they are today setting the foundation and landscape for link building and search engine optimization (SEO) to collide.

Relying heavily on format, content, placement, authority, subject matter, expertise, data, information, markup language (Schema), mobility, universality, site speed, browser caching, security, media optimization and a variety of other factors link building plays a wide role in the very basics of search engine optimization (SEO). Highly dependent on links, search engines use there crawlers, indexers and algorithms to discover and store the most valuable and relevant links on the internet while providing users the technology to extract those URL’s in a manageable and usable format based on given keywords, criteria and parameters. When link building appropriately, efficiently and effectively one must always consider how such web page architectures, layouts and positions will be viewed in the eyes of the most popular search like Bing (Microsoft), Chrome (Google) and Yahoo. Link building takes on a plethora of personas in the framework and context of search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) which is why it is so vitally important to understand the where’s, what’s, how’s and why’s of the URL creation and management process. Let’s take a closer look at the very basics of SEO link building to get a better feel for exactly how this SEO strategy and method integrates into the overall picture of optimal website design and cross page participation and promotion.

Link Building Concept #1: What Is Link Building?

Link building is any search engine optimization (SEO) effort that revolves around creating, generating, producing and formulating pages, content and URLs on the internet. It’s the task of curating both internal and external website links with the goal in mind of currying favor with search engine results, rankings and ratings.

Of distinguished between White Hat, Grey Hat and Black Hat techniques link building takes on many forms and fashions when it comes to how it is evaluated and executed.

Separated by such markings as DoFollow and NoFollow, broken or active, redirect or non-redirect, high authority or low authority, keyword anchoring, source and much more link building is the art and science of URL placement, representation and exposure to search engine algorithms and outputs. Link building in its most basic SEO relationship is the direct attempt to populate the world wide web with URLs that will be picked up and well received by search engines thus influencing positive rankings and results.

Link Building Concept #2: Why Is Link Building Important?

Link building is vitally important to search engine optimization and search engine marketing because it represents a “voting system” of sorts that helps search engines identify the most popular and valuable webpages and information on the internet. Each URL curated online is an opportunity to not only be found by searchers and search engines but also a chance to provide new meanings and directions to users and search technologies online.

The more trusted and search engine approved links you have on the internet, the greater the likelihood it is that you will find yourself in front of the right eyes and search engines. Search engines rely on link dispersion and representation to formulate a lot of their decision making which is exactly why it is so critical in regards to successful search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines need links to help track and rank websites accordingly and businesses, brands and companies need links to expand their reach and messaging making them extremely crucial to both sides of the search engine optimization and search engine marketing equation.

Link Building Concept #3: Link Volume, Ranking And Rating

Utilizing link building strategies and methods such as working with influencers, guest blog posting, podcast interviewing, competitor link mimicking, link roundups, broken link building, unique branding, news and information sourcing, .EDU resource listing, extinct link extraction, and more, all leads to higher search volume, ranking and ratings when done correctly.

Link building is about quality, quantity, aggregation, arrangement, grading, evaluation, categorization, appraisal, valuation and assessment of each link. All of which search engines take into consideration when ranking and recommending specific web pages and websites. Links are part of the core foundation to search engine optimization (SEO) which is building them properly and purposely allows for greater reach, rankings and ratings.

Link building is considered a basic search engine optimization (SEO) necessity largely due in part to its participation within the entire structure of how search engines work.

One of the most essential aspects of the entire world wide web and online experience, links help guide us and give us and search engines portals into otherwise unknown worlds. Both on-website and off-website link building are key factors in high quality search engine optimization strategy and should never be overlooked when it comes to the basics of SEO.

In the grand scheme of SEO and SEM, link building is an ongoing process that should constantly be worked on. If you do not have the time, knowledge or resources to link build effectively you will want to work with a skilled SEO company to assist in getting the job done for you.

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