As we work our way through 2020, hopefully all of us feel excited and rejuvenated to not only take our online businesses, products, brands and services to new heights but also to implement and try new Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics that may help us grow and progress. As we ended 2019 we watched Google release its new “BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers)” algorithm which focuses on language and search context. Google’s BERT algorithm leverages an Artificial Intelligence (AI) program labeled natural language processing (NLP) to compare queries with previous search strings to deliver more relevant and refined results to search engine users. Along with BERT in 2019 Google also placed a heavy emphasis on its internet marketing and SEO philosophy of “E-A-T”, which is Google’s own acronym for 1. Expertise, 2. Authority and 3. Trustworthiness. As Google continues to constantly integrate and innovate new search engine rules and technologies what does that mean for 2020? The implications of last years late pushes by Google, along with January’s core algorithm update, indicate that there will be plenty of new Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) trends and tactics to try in the New Year.

As companies compete with each other for the top search spaces and results in 2020 there will be a race to determine which SEM and SEO trends and tactics will have the most impact and provide the most opportunity for those using them. In order to stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive in the ever changing landscape that is Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in 2020 there will be a variety of strategies we will want to test and deploy when it comes to building our own brands, businesses, products, services and websites on the world wide web. Those that are able to identify new search trends, gaps in content, which types of content succeed, which content does not perform as well as it once did, which valuable content could be improved further and where there are opportunities for seasonal content will be able to create the SEO and internet marketing edges we all are looking for. So where should we be putting our resources, focus, time and efforts when it comes to search engine optimization and search engine marketing in the New Year. Let’s take a careful look at some of the hottest SEO and SEM methodologies that the very best SEO Companies are using at the start of 2020 to help separate their clients from others as we transition into the search unknown that always is a New Year.

Tactic To Try #1: Share Your Expertise

One of the strongest SEO and SEM assets we have is our expertise in the direct industries and niches we are in. By using our advanced industry knowledge to provide education and new insights to those interested in the topics and subject matter our products and services cover we can easily gain favor with search engines, fans and potential customers. Content that is relevant, authoritative and educational will be taking search engine precedence in the New Year.

Tactic To Try #2: Invest In Original Research

Part of becoming an expert in your field or business revolves around dedicating time and resources into discovering new and groundbreaking information and data that others may not have access to. By providing original and unique data to search engines and followers that are interested in your endeavours you can capture not only a wider audience but improved search ranking and results as well.

Tactic To Try #3: Livestream

As technology becomes more accessible and easier to use the advantages of live streaming increase to even greater degrees when it comes to reaching a wider audience. A preferred media of today’s mobile tech savvy generation live video can be a quick, affordable and simple way of connecting with customers while staying present and relevant. Video content is usable forever making it a perfect medium to extract value from live while also planning for its future use and purpose as well. Live video “explainer” and “how to” tutorials are a great place to start if you decide on trying this type of content out.

Tactic To Try #4: Expand & Repurpose Old Content

Most businesses online that have spent any amount of time on creating content or working on their search engine optimization and search engine marketing goals have a goldmine of useful ideas and media ready to update into better versions of the originals. By taking past proven content and repurposing it into an expanded and more articulate format you can drastically increase value for your SEO and SEM with less commitment and investment. One key tip to remember when updating old content is to change any on-page dating properties to reflect the current presentation of the material. As long as you have the ability to transform old information into captivating and exciting perspectives there is huge value in revisiting successful and aged content that will able to find new life in a new form.

Tactic To Try #5: Prioritize Local SEO

Never out of style when it comes to improving traffic and sales local search engine marketing and SEO still play a vital role in ranking and conversion rates. In fact the free local SEO and SEM tool “Google My Business” is now one of the most versatile and worthwhile avenues to enhanced customer interaction and search engine presence. Powerful SEO plans rely heavily on both on-page and off-page local SEO and internet marketing a critical aspect to any effective 2020 search engine optimization approach.

While there is little telling which direction Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will ultimately go as 2020 progresses, one thing is for certain and that is the above trends and topics will be applicable to gaining traction in ranking, results, clients and followings. By working with a skilled SEO company one can implement all of the above and more with a purpose and effectiveness only a professional guidance can provide. 2020 seems to be set for a very interesting year in terms of how online businesses and companies stay in front of the top internet searches and putting in the best SEO and internet marketing practices before the competition has a chance to is a sure way to establish yourself as a leader in your target market. What search engine optimization and search engine marketing strategies do you feel you will be using or trying in the New Year.

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