Whether you have been interviewing search marketing firms for a while, or have just begun your search for a firm you will find that we are your best choice. That is because there are probably 2 criteria you should be using to find the perfect search marketing firm. Price and Results. We have many firms beat on both.

Price – Our prices are very reasonable. Because we are a smaller firm we do not have the overhead of the larger firms – we have one office and we even turn the lights out at night!

Plus, we are not going to sell you a bunch of services you don’t need. If all you want is to have your site optimized for search engines, we will do that. If you think you only need a site audit and you will fix your site yourself that is fine too. If you only think you need some link building, by all means let us know! Do you need help claiming or creating your Google Places page? We can help with that too.

Results – We have many clients with top rankings in Google and we can send you these results when you request them. Do you want proof right now? Search for “Kelowna Link Building” without quotes – you should see our site – purposedrivenpromotion.com at or near the top. Want another example? Search for Kelowna SEO – again you should see our site at or near the top. Plus we have many more of our own examples and dozens from our clients.

The fact that a search engine marketing firm can place themselves at or near the top of the search results in Google should be a good indicator of how great they are at search engine placement.

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