With over 200 ranking factors in Google’s search algorithm alone it can be easy to get lost in the sea that is search engine optimization (SEO).  While the very best Kelowna SEO Company will know every key detail to all 200 plus ranking factors its still vital for all website owners to at least have a strong general overview on what goes into producing search results.  Given the extensive access to web browser specific data tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Pagespeed Insights and Google Lighthouse there really is no excuse not to work with an SEO Company that can help you make the right decisions.  Knowing which factors to focus on will go a long way towards ensuring that your SEO, search engine marketing (SEM) and internet marketing campaigns are guided in the right direction.

When it comes to reviewing your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts there will be a few major categories that are a must cover.  SEO audits by a reputable SEO company are the perfect opportunity to double check that you are accounting for all the right ranking factors.  While some of the biggest factors in search rankings include referring domains, organic, click-through-rate, domain authority, mobile usability, dwell time, total number of backlinks, content quality and On-page SEO there is still a variety of higher level categories that any great SEO plan should touch on.  So what Google search ranking factors should we set our sights on when partnering with an SEO company? Here is a great list to keep bookmarked for the next time you do embark on an SEO audit or project.

Key Factor Category #1: Domain Factors

This section relates to all the details about your domain name and authority.

For example, is your domain new or old?  Newer domains tend to take longer to rank, especially for competitive phrases, as they don’t yet have the authority or trust that Google is looking for.

Similarly, an older domain, especially one that was the target of negative SEO, or had questionable SEO tactics performed on it may also suffer from ranking penalties. 

Key Factor Category #2: Page-Level Factors

This part of the equation will cover all the elements that relate to page display, structure and content.

In other words, how well optimized is your site? How is your content? Is it human readable?

Key Factor Category #3: Site-Level Factors

This portion of the overview references all the particulars of your website at the overall level.

For example, how easy is it to navigate?  Is your subfolder structure well designed?  Are your important pages easy to navigate to and from?

Key Factor Category #4: Backlink Factors

Here we are singling out all the characteristics that come with building backlinks.

This is one of the most important factors.  How many backlinks do you have?  Are they quality links from relevant sources?

Key Factor Category #5: User Interaction Factors

This category takes into account all things web page visitor related.

Sometimes one of the hardest factors to consider.  As a site owner you need to place yourself in your customer’s shoes – is your site visually appealing?  Does it attract click throughs to other pages?  Is your contact information easy to find?

Key Factor Category #6: Special Algorithm Factors

Google certainly has some unique SEO, search engine marketing (SEM) and internet marketing rules to follow and here is where we account for those.

This one is virtually out of your control, however you can influence them through your on-page and off-pages SEO efforts.

Key Factor Category #7: Brand Signal Factors

All things related to brand building and social media will find their place in this section.

How well branded are you online?  Do you have unique messaging that is carried on not just your site, but all your social media profiles?  Do you use consistent fonts and coloring (where applicable)?

Key Factor Category #8: On-Site Webspam Factors

Here is where all the personal website spam issues are featured.

For example, if you purchased your site or domain from another source, are there questionable outbound links? Do you have hidden text or links?

Key Factor Category #9: Off-Site Webspam Factors

Last we have to take care of the off website spam problems.

For example, do you link to questionable sites? Do questionable (spammy) sites link to you?  Do those sites have machine generated content, or other potential issues which could impact you?

One of the most complex topics on the internet, search engine optimization (SEO) is perpetually being decoded by those that make it their business.  Top SEO, search engine marketing (SEM) and internet marketing companies know exactly what factors to focus on when it comes to ranking improvement which is why it is always wise to work with others who are experienced in the industry.  Due to the ever changing nature of Google’s search algorithm and the constant fluctuations of new technology it is important to stay on top of all the latest developments and pertinent factors within the SEO space. The next time you are preparing for a push in SEO be sure to include all of the above search ranking factors in your checklist so that you can feel confident that successful strides will be made during your next campaign.  

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