One of the oldest and highest valued search engine optimization (SEO) strategies that exist, backlink building is relevant in today’s dynamic online experience.  With Google still holding backlinks in their algorithm as a top 3 search ranking factor there is no arguing the importance they have even in 2019. When it comes to internet marketing and SEO services, link building can seem convoluted, complicated and time-consuming to most business owners but when done correctly provides unparalleled search ranking success.  While backlinks may feel like some distant and unattainable secret formula, many websites do not realize that they are probably already doing some form of search engine optimization (SEO) backlink building. By working with a skilled and knowledgeable SEO company it is then that you can take online properties to the next level by increasing there search exposure through link creation.

In an age where “social” presence is everything it is easy to tie backlink building into even the most modern technologies and platforms giving yet another reason why this SEO strategy is so powerful.  Social media is by far one of the best ways to distribute content and messages online and if you are a company using social media then you are probably already seeing the benefits of shared information through link connecting.  So what other ways are available in 2019 that give us the ability to build high quality, white hat, organic traffic that works wonders not only for client conversions but also search engine page rankings as well? Here is a list of backlink building methods that are working right now even in the radically evolving environment that is SEO and the internet.

10 Backlink Building Strategies That Still Provide Value In 2019   

1: Work With influencers – Collaborate with already established audiences to introduce your products, services and links.

2: Guest Blog Posts – Provide valuable to content to other platforms to increase exposure and backlinks.

3: Podcast Interviews – Speak and appear on podcast to get your message and links out to new listeners.

4: Mimic Competitor Links – Acquiring backlink sources from already proven link exchanges.

5: Link Roundups – Finding opportunities to feature your content information summaries on the web.

6: Broken Link Building – Backlink swapping based on broken link discovery.

7: Unique Branding – Come up with new and original concepts, theories and that others will find appealing and mysterious.

8: News and Information Source – Creating infographics, ultimate guides and other valuable content to be picked up by news and information outlets.

9: .EDU Resources – Becoming a part of educational resource lists

10: Extinct Link Extraction – Leveraging out of business links in your favor.


Owned Content Distribution – Producing content for distribution on popular publishing platforms.If you think backlink building is hard or not accessible the above list shows that a wide variety of methods and strategies are very much on the table in 2019.  With such a diverse range of organic, white hat search engine optimization (SEO) techniques on the major search engine radars there is no reason why websites and online businesses should not be building backlinks to improve their rankings and customer access.  Many of the above approaches to backlink building and SEO are perfect for your internet marketing and branding needs and by working with a knowledgeable and experienced SEO company you can really start to set your online presence apart from others in the eyes of the search engines.  The bottom line is SEO services, local SEO and internet Marketing all can be enhanced when proper natural, white hat backlink building strategies are implemented correctly. What are you waiting for? Let’s start building powerful backlinks together today!