Thanks to the world wide web it is much easier to conduct business globally but this also means that many companies are more prone to overlook the necessity of local search engine marketing and local SEO.  The ability to connect and transact with customers on every continent sometimes leads to us forgetting about those potential clients in our own backyard as the allure of worldwide dominance takes over. Even though the thoughts of international growth and recognition are often very strong we must never lose track of just how important it is to stay grounded within our local community.  One of the great positives of local search engine marketing and local SEO is that it actually benefits many aspects of a business even on national and international levels.

Given that technology can take us to places we never once imagined it is now more important than ever before that products, services and brands not lose perspective of just how valuable local search engine marketing and local SEO is.  Building a foundation of loyalty, support, knowledge and connectivity with those closest will allow your business to reach its full potential both locally and beyond all borders. Having a focus on the micro geographic elements of your business will also exponentially influence your ability to maximize the macro geographic goals you may have.  There is a lot to learn from local search engine optimization (SEO) and internet marketing and mastering the most useful strategies is mandatory to not only stay competitive but to also elevate to greater heights of success. If you do want to stay tops in your industry here are three local search engine marketing and local SEO tips that are sure to keep you at the forefront clients searches and minds.

Key Strategy #1 – Google My Business (GMB) Tool

The leader in search Google not only provides basic business listing and mapping tools but now enables companies to include menus, define service areas, create content posts, manage reviews, handle questions and answers and so much more inside the Google My Business (GMB) dashboard.  If your GMB is not fully optimized and staying proactive then you are truly missing out on huge local SEO and local search engine marketing opportunities. If you are not fully versed in all details of GMB it is always best to work with an expert SEO company who can get you fully updated and up to speed on the latest Google local search optimization tactics.

Key Strategy #2 – Local Listings & Citations (NAPW)

NAPW is a local SEO acronym for Name, Address, Phone Number, and Website which are the key pieces of information local searches and search engine users rely on. Local clients need this information to discover more about your company, get directions through Google Maps, interact on social media or carry out click-to-call functions via a mobile platform.  There are plenty of powerful places to create local listings like the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, Facebook, Foursquare, Yellow Pages, Apple Maps, Yahoo!, Tupalo, Manta, HotFrog, and so many more all of which are critical in developing your online identity, brand and search ranking placement. Other data such as hours of operation, company logo, community magazine links or local news sources also factor into local citation signals so having consistent, correct and well populated information across the web about your business is essential.

Key Strategy #3 – Local Links & Partnerships

The importance of earning local backlinks from relevant sites can not be overstated.  By partnering with local companies and staying active in the community one can generate quality search engine link signals through social media, press, reviews, news outlets, magazines and bloggers.  One great way to obtain credible links is by working with local charities and organizations in some mutually beneficial business capacity. Not only will you be able to help others close to you but you will be able to cultivate goodwill and broader visibility and respectability with those nearby.  By working with other entities that are in the same vicinity of you and that align with your goals and principles you can create local SEO and local search engine marketing dominance that will be hard to match by competitors.

If you have a global vision for your business or brand it is pertinent you do not become out of touch with just how vital local SEO and internet marketing is.  Having a highly qualified local SEO company by your side is key to excelling in today’s competitive search ranking environment. First class local search engine optimization is an ongoing task that requires constant work and dedication but one that also pays dividends in terms of exposure, conversions, sales and brand loyalty.  The amazing part about local SEO and search engine marketing is that success in a regional market translates very well to having similar impacts on a more comprehensive universal scale as well. Smart white hat and search engine algorithm approved local SEO practices will always go along way towards helping your website and business becoming the very best it can be so make sure to keep always keep them high on the business development priority list or risk losing ground in your target markets forever.

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